A paper container professional equipment manufacturing company integrating mechanical and software development, manufacturing and marketing

The Bright Machinery team is dedicated to the R&D of the Paper Plate Industry 4.0, providing a comprehensive system-wide portfolio of integrated solutions, creating an intelligent unmanned workshop, an information-based Internet, and a digital management system.

- automation -Bright focuses on the development of an automated production line for intelligent paper tray forming machines
R&D, production, sales  
- team -Absorb innovative, hard-working R&D team
Strong high-tech team  
After sales
- After sales -Quality and efficient after-sale technical service team, footprints all over the world
Use the product to sit back and relax  
- client -Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and instruct business
Trustworthy, harmonious and win-win  

Provide a comprehensive system-wide portfolio of integrated solutions to create intelligent unmanned workshops, information-based Internet, digital management systems